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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Sometimes I get out of work late so I cannot feed my horse until after dark. Is that allowed?
    Of course! We simply ask that you communicate with us before dark. In order to maintain a secure boarding facility for the safety and protection of your horse, we need to be aware of when people are at the facility. Just call us or send a text letting us know when you'll be here.
  • Where do I sign up for lessons, trail rides, and events with Gainey's Horse Heaven Stables Inc?
    Easy! We will post information about all events and activities on our Facebook page, our website calendar, and on the information board at the facility. You may also see advertisements around town and on Shaw AFB and affiliated Facebook pages with contact information. When in doubt, just reach out to one of our staff members and we'll make sure you're set up with what you're looking for!
  • What's the best way to get to Gainey's Horse Heaven Stables Inc?
    Sometimes the GPS can send you to a road called "Old Charleston Rd". The connecting road from here no longer exists. Be sure to turn off of SC RT 261 onto "Middleton Rd", then turn left onto "Tiverton Church Rd". Keep going down that road until you see the red barn on your left here at Gainey's Horse Heaven Stables Inc!
  • Where can I ride my horse from directly off the property?
    Gainey's Horse Heaven Stables Inc uses public roads available to everyone. You will have access to Manchester State Forrest where riders will be required to obtain a permit personally and separately from Gainey's Horse Heaven Stables Inc. Please see Manchester State Forrest's website for more information on permits.
  • I'm not on full board, but I'm going out of town for a while. Is there someone who I can have feed for me?
    Absolutely! Like most things, our staff can certainly assist when needed. Just reach out to one of us and we can coordinate feeding for a small fee.
  • What if I can't make it in person when the farrier arrives to trim/shoe my horse?
    No problem! We would encourage boarders to handle their own horses for things like this, but sometimes life can get in the way! Simply contact one of our staff members and we can arrange for one of us to handle your horse for you for a small fee.
  • What if I have a concern about the facility or the other boarders?
    For any concerns regarding the facility or maintenance, please ask a staff member to address it only. For the safety of you and your horse, we ask that you do not attempt to fix or adjust the facility, to include fences. For concerns about other boarders, we always encourage open and honest resolutions between boarders before contacting the staff. You can always contact a staff member to resolve issues with regards to safety, security, and use of any part of Gainey's Horse Heaven Stables Inc. to include the riding arena and round pen.
  • What "type" or "riding discipline" is at Gainey's Horse Heaven Stables Inc?
    All riding disciplines are welcome here! With our lighted arena, we can entertain all forms of english riding disciplines like jumping, equitation, and dressage. We are also set up for riders to practice barrel racing, poles, and other western style disciplines. The riding arena and the round pen are available for all boarders to use as available.
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